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Concrete form oil if material has been swallowed, do not induce vomiting. The specific name and formula of the component immersion oil has been withheld under a trade secret. If the pdf does not display below, you may also download it here. Msds material safety data sheet fuel oil oilchart offshore ltd, 90 long acre, covent garden, london, wc2e 9rz e. Petroleum oil, lube oil, petroleum hydrocarbon, lubricant product use. If need be, collection by an authorized waste collector and regeneration or incineration in an approved installation. Water spray, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, alcohol foam unsuitable extinguishing media. Safety data sheet page petroleum, crude oil supersedes. Patients who aspirate these oils should be followed for the development of long term sequelae. Immersion oil, 1250 cs 100 contains hydrogenated terphenyl and terphenyl, toxicological data on ingredients. Material safety data sheet section 1 product and company identification as of the revision date above, this msds meets the regulations in new zealand.

Follow good hygiene procedures when handling chemical materials. Patients who aspirate these oils should be followed for the development of longterm sequelae. Product and company identification trade name andis clipper oil product number 7803600000 product use lubricating oil for clippers and trimmers. Collect and seal in properly labelled drums for disposal. Material safety data sheet gulf oil lubricants india ltd. Firefighting measures suitable extinguishing media. A safety data sheet sds is a document containing, inter alia, data about substance properties, its handling and storage.

Msds information for oil spill dispersants corexit 9500. Product name and company identification product name. Contact us to learn more about our highperformance green chemicals and cleaners. Hazardous combustion products may include carbon monoxide and other toxic gasesvapors. Chemical product and company identification american refining group, inc. Dispose of in a safe manner, in accordance with local rehulations. It is a blend of terphenyls, polybutenes, and natural hydrocarbons. Identification of the substancemixture and of the companyundertaking 1. Dispose of waste as per local, state and federal land waste. Hazards identification potential acute health effects. Safety data sheet synthetic compressor oil iso 100. Richardallan scientific 4481 campus drive kalamazoo, mi 49008 chemtrec 800 4249300. This msds was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the osha hazard communication standard 29 cfr 1910. Read this msds before handling and disposing of this product and pass this information on to employees, customers, and.

Proprietary ingredients indicated as hazardous have been assessed under standards for workplace safety. Ocmsfv12014 if leak or spill has not ignited, ventilate area and use water spray to disperse gas or. Safety data sheets for substances and preparations. Petroleum base oil 5 mgm3 twa inhalable acgih tlv as mineral oil 5 mgm3 twa osha pel as oil mist, mineral aliphatic hydrocarbon 1200 mgm3 twa manufacturer recommended carbon dioxide 5000 ppm twa, 30,000 ppm stel acgih tlv 5000 ppm twa osha pel the following controls are recommended for normal consumer use of this product. Hazard ingredientsidentity information trade name other names. Read this msds before handling and disposing of this product and pass this information on to employees, customers, and users of this product. Material safety data sheet oil spill academic task. Wash at the end of each work shift and before eating, smoking and using the toilet. Mineral oil confidential confidential 8090 note l note l calcium soap confidential 1020 n. Resolve microscope immersion oil 1 revised april 2002 catalog numbers. If material comes in contact with the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with large amounts of water for 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the lower and upper lids. Material safety data sheet of 4 infosafe no 5fvlh issue date. Delo 400 le sae 15w40 isoclean certified company identification chevron products company a division of chevron u. Turpentine oil cas no 8006642 material safety data.

Msds material safety data sheet gas oil oilchart offshore ltd, 90 long acre, covent garden, london, wc2e 9rz e. The information contained in this msds is, to the best of our knowledge, believed to be accurate. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Product name heavy duty diesel engine oil sae 30 cf, cf2sg product code 7193 cas number not applicable for mixtures. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact irritant, permeator, of eye contact irritant, of ingestion, of inhalation. M2000, m3000, m4000, m5000, m6000, m2004, m3004, m4004, m5004, m6004 material safety data sheet resolve microscope immersion oil manufactured by. Safety data sheet according to 29cfr19101200 and ghs rev. Marine diesel oil, mdo, marine gas oil, mgo, marine diesel fuel, marine distillate fuel, dma, dmb, dmc product code. If this product is used in combination with other products, refer to the material safety data sheet for those products. Material safety data sheet immersion oil, msds section 1. Material safety data sheet according to 19072006ec. The producer of mineral oil declares that it contains less than 3% dmso extractable material by ip346.

Synthetic compressor oil iso 100 advice on general occupational hygiene wash promptly if skin becomes contaminated. Nugeneration technologies msds material safety data sheets are available for download or browser viewing are available from this page or from each individual product page. Here you can download msds and brochures to learn more about our woca products and wood care in general. Msds for corexit 9500a pdf msds corexit 9527a pdf according to the deepwater horizon response unified commands website, as of june 14, 2010, over 1,262,000 gallons of dispersants have been used as part of bps oil spill cleanup efforts. Full synthetic 75w90 performance smooth shift manual gearbox and transaxle oil sds product bulletin pdf full synthetic 80w140 heavy duty limited slip differential oil. Rectorseal corporation is a leading manufacturer of chemical specialty sealants and other related products designed for professional tradesmen. Cottonseed oil 8001294 2322807 not listed additional information. For the full text of the r phrases mentioned in this section, see section 16 4. Material safety data sheet section 1 chemical product and company identification multipurpose machine oil 32 motor oil, inc. Sdsmsds safety data sheets nugeneration technologies. Immersion oil natural material safety data sheet sdsmsds. Fire fighting keep storage containers cool with water spray. Material safety data sheet prepared according to 29 cfr 1910.

Safety data sheet section 1 product and company identification delo 400 le sae 15w40 product use. Msds 52kb pdf cargille immersion oil type ldf replaces type df, above 19564l. Immersion oil natural material safety data sheet sds msds. Diamond colour oil pdf 280kb diamond oil pdf 272kb diamond oil active pdf 272kb driftwood lye pdf 328kb eco worktop oil 2001 pdf 308kb. Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. A positivepressure, selfcontained breathing apparatus scba and fullbody protective equipment are required for. Natural hydrocarbons, and polybutenes not applicable. Material safety data sheet micro lub lubricant oil note. Chemical product and company identification product name. Jcb engine oil up 15w40 not classified as hazardous use absorbent soil or sand, sawdust, inert material, vermiculite.

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